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Fair Deal

Protect local,
Serve globally.

From Farm to You

What we offer

What we offer

  • Importing and trading fresh produce globally, with core from China, to Singapore.

  • 3YY Fresh works with farming co-operatives and businesses to make trade fairer.

  • 3YY Fresh operates at wholesales in Singapore, with secondary responsibility for bringing fresh produce to regional countries.

  • Leveraging a network of regional partners to promote fair deals.


Why we exist?

To promote fairer deal conditions and empower producers to strengthen their position in the supply chain.


World trade with fairness.

Why we exist

About Us

  • 3YY Fresh operates under the ambit of 大连兴业源集团 (XYY Group). Together with Fola Supply Chain Pte Ltd (Fola), an international sourcing arm for XYY, 3YY Fresh imports fresh produce globally (core from China) into Singapore.

  • Leveraging XYY’s China market, Fola and 3YY Fresh facilitate inter-trade between XYY and global farming cooperatives to promote fair deals amongst stakeholders.

  • XYY group comprises more than 2,000 employees, more than 108,000 professional fruit growers under the leadership of XYY, and owns 51 fruit orchards. XYY owns 41 cold-chain logistics network distribution centres, which can cover all the sales networks in China.

Farmer Picking Vegetables
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Seasonal Produce

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